Him & I

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

Mark is a nomadic wanderer, a well travelled English Canadian, ex Military, tattoo bearing Harley Davidson rider who hadn’t settled in one location for longer than 6 years. I was a well travelled home body, no tattoos at that point who drove a Renault Megane and had lived in the same location for 27 years.

We met on the dating site, “Okay Cupid”, I had a false name and location set, undercover from any familiar faces on our tiny island of Cyprus, where every one knew everyone, the last thing I wanted was for any acquaintances of mine to see that I was desperate and sad enough to be on the look out for love and ready to shoot my cupids arrow straight through some dudes heart.

I’m old school when it comes to dating, I still hoped that Mr. perfect would come knocking at my door, take me out for dinner, eventually drop a big assed diamond engagement ring in my champagne flute and propose to me whilst we were dining on lobster in the Maldives. I would be tanned, fit and beautiful, in my white bikini, with sun kissed hair.

actuality….. sprained ankle, cold mountains, overweight, black hair, cheap rose wine, souvlaki but everything else was pretty close… (and this part comes later anyway)

Day two of my search, I receive a message from The Wanderer. A blue t shirt wearing, blue eyed, goatee bearded face peered back at me. On first look, he was a big no no, blue eyes were not my thing, and he had them. He had facial hair, that was a plus. he was English speaking, rather than a local, yea, I would bypass the blue eyes drawback, I could buy him sunglasses. The Wanderers initial message was inviting me to check out his dating profile, and if I liked what I saw, then maybe I could drop him a reply.

The profile was scrutinized like a CV, I didn’t get any psycho vibes, He had potential, and so I replied.

We first met up March 31st 2018. It was the day before Marks birthday. I had set my hair with velcro rollers, applied red lipstick,
jeans, knee length boots, black PVC jacket and away I went. Mark turned up in cowboy boots, Levi’s, blue shirt with inside fitted gun pocket, minus a gun. We drank wine, and through idle conversation discovered our exes were also each others exes….. silence…. uncomfortable laughter, “shall we get the bill?”

The night ended much later with a coffee and Mark eating chocolate cake whilst I sang him Happy Birthday.

We did meet up again, and again, fast forward a year or so, Mark announces one evening over dinner, “I’m thinking of buying a boat”. My initial feelings about the boat were okay, very cool, I didn’t grasp that at that point, Mark was actually planning to pack up, and fuck off on said boat.

April 2019 Elnath was purchased in Greece and sailed to Cyprus by Mark and crew. I sat at home receiving sunset and sunrise pictures from said journey and was hooked. I wanted to be there, I wanted to smell the sea, feel the dampness of the sea breeze, taste the salt air on my lips, my Cancerian soul felt the pull.

Elnath and Mark arrived in Limassol Cyprus. I quit my job in sales, packed a few suitcases, whilst Mark packed up his worldly goods in boxes and off we set.

Leaving Limassol Marina on day of departure, we discovered there was a block on me leaving the country. Unpaid parking fines, I was a criminal, I was on the run, I was fucking excited and I was completely unprepared for what lay ahead.

In the beginning was the world, man said: Let there be more light
Electric scenes and laser beams, neon brights the light abhorring nights


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