The Island Where Jellyfish go to Die.

Serifos Cyclades-Greece

“I don’t like jellyfish, they’re not a fish, they’re just a blob.

They don’t have eyes, fins or scales like a cod.

They float about blind, stinging people in the seas,

And no one eats jellyfish with chips and mushy peas.

Get rid of ’em!”

 Karl Pilkington,

A day in October.

We had dropped anchor, and just like any other drop anchor day, routine says bikini on, fins on, snorkel on, descend the ladder, nipples erect, deep breath, scream “fuck its cold” which actually just materializes as a muffled din through the snorkel, and jump.

Entering the water is always such a unique experience depending on location and what sea bed the anchor is now attached to, it could be sandy, mud, peat or cobbles. Today we had beautiful white sand with dark weeds, slightly murky, but clear enough to see the anchor and a fucking Jellyfish hanging onto the anchor chain.

Pink and translucent with tentacles that spanned out like alluring glistering crystal threads, almost hypnotizing, but those fuckers stung, so I have heard, so I sure as hell was not going to be checking any anchor setting today.

I left the graceful throbbing blob contently hanging as I not so easily swam back to the ladder as fast as my beating little heart would take me.

Well it seems word was out in Jellyfish land and anchor holding blob had flash signaled or telepathically called the mother of all jellyfish tribe to come see what he had found. I don’t believe that these dudes do not have a communication radar of sort, I was fast being approached by throbbing pink entities.

Ascending the ladder with fins is no easy task, but low and behold, here I was fast becoming an expert. Sitting safely now on the stern deck, I gazed into the water a little confused, “maybe they are calamari, calamari are tasty deep-fried”. Fins back on, I was once again into the deep blue face to face with blobs. “Yup, these fuckers are jellyfish, and those tentacles are long, and I need to get the fuck out of here.

Serifos, is a beautiful Island located in in the Aegean located in the western Cyclades, Greece. The area is 75.207 square kilometers, population roughly 1,420, jellyfish bloom, millions.

Thanks to the jelly fish crowd, I never did get back into the water of Serifos, Instead I walked the shore with shoes, because a few days later after a storm, hundreds of jelly fish were washed up dead, and I kind of guessed those squishy fuckers dead or alive would still sting the hell out of me. I had no one to piss on me, so shoes it was.

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